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Sold Out is a dynamic national movement dedicated to impacting youth, family, and community by challenging them to realize their maximum potential.

NEWS-TIMES (October 18, 2013)– BROAD CREEK —Seventh-grader Braiden Hanford said he was impressed by an anti-drug and alcohol program presented Thursday by former pro football player Roman Gabriel III at his school. He and other students at Broad Creek Middle School said they planned to sign a drug and alcohol-free pledge that Mr. Gabriel, son of former Los Angeles Rams quarterback Roman Gabriel, challenged students to sign. “I took it very seriously and will definitely go and like the page (Facebook) and sign the pledge,” he newssaid.

Mr. Gabrielle, president of Sold Out Ministries based in Boone, travels to schools throughout the year sharing a motivational message to challenges students to remain drug and alcohol free. He visited with county middle school students Thursday and Friday.

“If you’re doing drugs and alcohol — stop. Seek help. And if your parents are doing them, don’t let that influence where you go in your life. It’s your choice,” he said. Mr. Gabriel offers an interactive website and Facebook page where students can take the anti-drug and alcohol pledge as well as get information on how to remain that way and pursue a successful life. His program offers a 365-day followup online as well as a school character curriculum. Sold Out will visit county high schools around prom time in the spring.

Mr. Gabriel addressed a number of topics designed to keep students on a successful path. They included success preparation, peer pressure, goal setting, finding your passion, character, team concepts and involvement in extracurricular activities. He offered students a simple four-point plan to keep them headed in the right direction. First, he encouraged students to find their passion and pursue it. Second, he said never be afraid to fail, but use failure as a springboard to success. “Use failure as a friend. Every time I fail, I’m learning something that leads me to success.” Third, he told students to persevere and never give up on their goals and dreams. The fourth point was to not allow peer pressure influence their decisions.

As for students who have parents with drug and alcohol problems, he challenged those students to be the positive influence in their homes. “You have an opportunity to change that and be the leader by example,” he said. Seventh-grader Maddie Maxwell said she liked the program and planned to sign the pledge. “I liked it a lot and thought it was very inspiring,” she said. Several students also got Mr. Gabriel’s autograph. Superintendent Dr. Dan Novey, who attended the program, said he, too, appreciated Mr. Gabriel’s message. “I thought he really connected with the students and what he shared will help them as they go forward,” he said. Mr. Gabrielle said of the 30,000 students he has visited, about 65 percent have taken the pledge and 19,000 have joined the Sold Out Facebook follow up program. Mr. Gabriel toured county middle schools at the invitation of the Carteret County ABC Board and with the sponsorship of Coca-Cola Consolidated Bottling East. For more information on the Sold Out NC School Drug and Alcohol Education Program, call 910-431-6483, or go to, Facebook page: Sold Out or Twitter @soldout41.

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Gabriel: “Be accountable…”
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Wilkes Journal-Patriot on October 16, 2013.
Photo at left: ROMAN GABRIEL III speaks to sixth and seventh grade students at North Wilkes Middle School Friday.
Gabriel also spoke at the other three Wilkes middle schools.


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